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FepBlue My Blue

  • Access tools and resources associated with the My Blue service
  • A health assessment test is one of the more popular tools associated with MyBlue
  • Please note some emails by MyBlue are sending are not being received by members (those who are not receiving emails from MyBlue should check their junk/spam folder)

The FepBlue My Blue service is free to use and any questions about the program can be directed to the customer service number on the back of the FepBlue member ID card.  Please note that any major medical illness should be directed to a patients primary doctor.

FepBlue My Blue Comments

  • Provides access to patients pay statements, health records, provider directories, and real-time nurse chats (the chat option is not available 24/7)
  • Those who are new to MyBlue will have to register with their 
  • The 
  • Users will also have to provide their name and date of birth upon sign up

Please note that Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employees Health Benefits will continue for an additional 30 days after enrollment has been terminated.  Coverage ends for employees and eligible family members when the employee separates from federal employment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

  • Windy City (aka Chicago) based health insurance firm
  • Headed by Scott Serota who is President and CEO
  • Provides health insurance to more than 100 million Americans

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Chicago office is headquartered at 225 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60601 and can be reached by calling 1-888-630-BLUE(2583).  The firm also offer its members a helpful find a doctor/hospital tool in which a member can search for a provider via name, network, location, previous patient ratings, gender, affiliation, and language spoken.

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