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Glucosamine Settlement

  • Obtain more information about the class action lawsuit entitled Pearson, et al. v. NBTY Inc., et al., which is under review in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • This is case number Case No. 1:11-cv-07972 and the deadline to file a claim is 9/28/16
  • The companies named in this class action lawsuit are Rexall Sundown Inc. and NBTY Inc

The Glucosamine Settlement revolves around claims that the two firms named above made false statements on the labels of some of their joint health supplements.  Rexall Sundown Inc. and NBTY Inc deny any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to a settlement in which each household (who files a valid claim form) may receive up to $104 (payment of $8 per bottle of Covered Product purchased, up to a maximum of 13 bottles per household).  If there is money leftover in the settlement pie once the lawyers have been made it will be distributed to the class member for a maximum amount of $200 per household.

Glucosamine Settlement Comments

  • The joint health supplements in question were sold at CVS, Duane Reade, Equate, Kirkland, Kroger, Safeway, Target and Walgreens
  • A complete list of all the eligible joint health supplements available here
  • SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP has been hired by the defendants (Rexall Sundown Inc.) to represent their interest
  • Class members who already submitted a Glucosamine Settlement claim form are NOT required to submit another
  • Proof of purchase is not required in order to file a claim but all claims submitted are open to an audit for fraud and abuse

More information in regards to the Glucosamine Settlement can be obtained by phone at (888) 972-6583 or by US Mail by writing to: Glucosamine Settlement c/o Settlement Administrator P.O. Box 170 Philadelphia, PA 19105-0170.  All class members will be represented by Denlea & Carton LLP (914-331-0100), Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman & Balint, P.C. (602-274-1100), and Boodell & Domanskis LLC (312-938-4070).

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