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Supplement Settlement

  • Customers who purchased certain supplements at a Vitamin Shoppe retail location may be in line for a free check thanks to a class action lawsuit filed under California False Advertising Laws
  • The class action lawsuit against Vitamin Shoppe alleges that the store made false claims on product labels about the ingredients in products
  • A fairness hearing in the Vitamin Shoppe class lawsuit will be held on November, 8, 2016. If the judge approves the settlement (and it’s expected he will), checks will be mailed out within two weeks of that approval date

Vitamin Shoppe denies that they did anything wrong, and claims that their product labels were wholly truthful, but has agreed to a settlement simply to avoid the cost and hassle of a court battle. Customers do not need to appear in person to be a part of the Vitamin Shoppe lawsuit, but will be represented by the legal firm of Rebecca Scheuerman. Anyone who chooses to participate and file a claim in the Vitamin Shoppe class action lawsuit will give up their right to sue Vitamin Shoppe an an individual. Customers who do nothing at all will not receive compensation from the class suit.

Supplement Settlement Comments

  • If customers want to speak at the fairness hearing, they will need to send a document stating their intent to appear in Scheuerman v. Vitamin Shoppe Industries, Inc. by September 23
  • he max a customer can receive in the class suit against Vitamin Shoppe is $25
  • Any questions in regards to the Supplement Settlement can be directed to 1-844-762-5393

How much will participants receive in the class action lawsuit against Vitamin Shoppe?

Depending on what products (and how many of each) were purchased, customers who file a valid claim in the Vitamin Shoppe class action suit will be eligible to receive a check for $17, $21, or $25 (also depending upon how many total claims are submitted).

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