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Cash Unclaimed

  • Cash Unclaimed is an online resource that searches financial records from all 50 states to track down unclaimed money from utility payment, insurance payouts, and a number of other venues (one of the biggest being inheritances that family members never knew about)
  • The Cash Unclaimed database searches both state and federal unclaimed money databases into one easily searchable location and has found money for millions of people (over 300 million claims are available to see at any given time)
  • Cash Unclaimed does not charge a percentage of the money (or a finding fee) like some other web sites, but just a small paid fee for full access to missing money listings

Cash Unclaimed is the largest private unclaimed money finding web site in America. Cash Unclaimed is not affiliated with a government agency, which means that multiple sources can be searched at once. To get full access to all databases and records from Cash Unclaimed, members will need to have a paid account. Once a match is made, Cash Unclaimed gives users specific instructions for getting their missing money quickly and easily.

Cash Unclaimed Comments

  • A free search on Cash Unclaimed just provides the total dollar amount of the found money, plus what government agency is reporting it
  • This does not guarantee that found money is the property of a specific person (as it could be someone with the same name)

How are the funds on Cash Unclaimed missing?

Money becomes unclaimed through several scenarios, like moving and forgetting to notify a company (missing out on a security deposit), or opening an account years ago that’s been forgotten about. Not cashing a check from a health insurance company or a dividend check on a stock purchase could also make money unclaimed.

To contact Cash Unclaimed:

  • 19881 Brookhurst Street. Suite C 285, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
  • (714) 716-5051

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