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Bank of America Quick Lane Rebates

  • The Quick Lane Service Rebate Card portal has recently been redesigned to improve navigation and make it easier for customers manage an account online
  • Returning Quick Lane customers will have to sign in with their username while new customers will have to register/activate their card
  • Please note a Quick Lane rebate card number can be used in lieu of the customers username upon sign in

The Bank of America Quick Lane rebate card is issued by Bank of America, N.A. who is a proud Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender and the card can be used wherever Visa Debit is accepted.  The card can be used as either credit or debit for customer transactions… customers who use it as credit will have to sign the receipt to authorize the purchase while customers using the card as debit will have to provide their PIN number upon check out.

Bank of America Quick Lane Rebates Comments

  • The amount of purchase cannot exceed the amount on the Quick Lane Service Rebate Card unless the customer has a back up payment option that is accepted by the retailer
  • These rebate cards cannot be reloaded and will not affect ones credit score
  • Customers will only have 6 months to use the funds available on the card before they expire
  • When using this rebate card to purchase gas please see the attendant inside the fuel station before pumping costly gas into an auto
  • Some high-end restaurants (not places like McDonald’s or Burger King) may verify that the card has enough funds to cover the purchase, plus a 15-20% gratuity

Any question sin regards to the Bank of America Quick Lane rebates card can be directed to 1.855.477.1130.  Those who misplace the card will be charged a $5 replacement fee (if the balance remaining on the Quick Lane rebate card is less than $5 don’t bother requesting a replacement).

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