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Membership Rewards Card Fees

  • American Express Membership Rewards Program gives the most loyal AmEx customers the chance to rack up points to spend on great rewards
  • To earn AmEx Membership Rewards points, customers will need to use their AmEx card at an eligible location. Customers usually earn one point for every one dollar charged. Customers must then pay the amount due on their account statement on time to earn the points
  • With certain cards like the Gold Card for Ameriprise Financial, customers have the chance to earn extra rewards points for purchases

American Express does have the right to change Membership Rewards program terms at any time, like changing the number of points customer earn for spending, changing the number of points that is required to get a certain reward, imposing different caps or fees on earning (or using) points, and increasing annual program fees.

Membership Rewards Card Fees

  • Points can be used for travel (like an Air BnB gift card or a hotel stay at a resort, including Aria in Las Vegas), for products (like a GoPro camera, Taylormade golf clubs, Samsonite luggage, or an Apple Watch), or for entertainment like an AMC or Cinemark gift card
  • Any returns or credits will not reduce a rewards count, but will just take away the number of points that were initially earned
  • Customers who want a certain AmEx reward but haven’t yet earned the points they need can purchase extra points at 1,000 points for $25

What purchases are not eligible for American Express Membership Rewards points?

Some American Express purchases aren’t eligible to earn Membership points like cash advances or balance transfers, corporate express cash, purchases made with AmEx points, purchasing American Express travel checks, purchasing reloadable or prepaid cards, and any card account fees (think late payment fees, annual fees, or interest charges). To contact American Express about their Membership Rewards Card Fees program please dial 1-800-297-3276.

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