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  • Login with a User ID and Password
  • adpworkforcenow.adp is managed by ADP LLC
  • New users will have to register

The ADP Workforce Now service requires the user to create an account before gaining access.  in order to register the ADP user will have to provide their registration code.  those who have already registered but forgot their password will need to provide their full name, email address, and mobile number associated with their ADP account in order to start the recovery process.

Please note the ADP registration codes are issued by the employees organization’s administrator for use during employee registration.  If the employee does not have a registration code they will want to speak with their local HR department ASAP in order to obtain the code and register.  The HR department may this code with the employee verbally or on paper.

adpworkforcenow.adp Notes

  • Employees may also receive the ADP registration code in an email from sender
  • The ADP code may be referred to as “organizational registration code” (company pass code) or “personal registration code”
  • Recitation should only take about 4 minutes

The login service is available in English, Spanish, or French.  Any questions in regards to the ADP Workforce Portal can be directed to a customer service agent at  1-877-306-8126.


  1. adpworkforcenow.adp
  2. – Access H&R Block Application Online

DNA HR Block

  • Apply for internal H&R Block employment opportunities with H&R Block DNA
  • To use H&R Block DNA, employees will need to log in with their SSO ID and their password
  • The DNA H&R Block site is only open to H&R Block employees, and access by anyone that is not an employee is considered illegal, and may be punishable under local laws

The DNA HR Block service is designed for people who work for H&R Block to access an internal application system for new employment opportunities. Jobs listed on the H&R Block DNA service are considered open and able to be applied for. Once a H&R Block job has been filled, the position will be removed from the DNA system. If a H&R Block employee doesn’t know their SSO ID, they can retrieve it by entering their first and last name, the last 5 digits of their Social Security number, and their birth date. Once employees apply for a new job with H&R Block DNA, their application will be stored in the system for later review. Employees cam also check the status of a H&R Block job application by using the DNA system. A resume and a cover letter can be stored in H&R Block DNA for easy access, to make applying for new internal jobs with H&R Block as simple as possible.

What is the H&R Block DNA system?

By using the H&R Block DNA service, employees can search for new opportunities either by job title, by level of job (like entry level or manager), and even by location. Both H&R Block associates and H&R Block franchise employees are able to use this system. Employees who only work for H&R Block seasonally are also able to use H&R Block DNA.

To contact H&R Block about the DNA employee system

  • Call 800-472-5625

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  1. – Access Shamrock Foods Company Benefits Services

My Shamrock Benefits

  • Employees who work for Shamrock Foods can use the online Shamrock Benefits Center web site to handle their benefits related tasks
  • To login to the Shamrock benefits site, employees will need to enter their EEID, their date of birth, and the last four digits of their Social Security Number
  • Shamrock employees who don’t know their employee ID number can find it printed at the top of each pay statement or check they receive

The Shamrock Foods Benefit Service Center portal is the best online resource for all employment benefits related information and tools. From the Shamrock Foods Benefit site, employees can enroll in benefits like medical and dental insurance, manage their Shamrock foods benefits information, and learn more about every benefit that comes with their employment. During the Shamrock Food employee insurance open enrollment period each year, employees will need to log on to and make their insurance elections before the deadline to ensure that they and their family are covered with medical insurance for the upcoming year. The Shamrock Foods employee services web site is open to any employee who currently works for Shamrock, and contains the same information that an on-site HR officer would have access to. Employees have access to the Shamrock Food benefit site for two weeks after their employment is over, but any access after that point may be considered unlawful.

More Important Info About Shamrock Farms

Shamrock Farms is a dairy company with their headquarters located in Phoenix, Arizona. Their current mascot is a cow named Roxie. Founded in 1922, Shamrock Farms is the largest family owned and operated dairy in the Southwest US, and produces and distributes a full line of dairy products. Shamrock Foods is most well known for their Mmmmilk brand.

To contact a representative about Shamrock Benefits

  • 1-844-227-0542

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  1. – Access KForce Professional Staffing

Paperless Employee KForce

  • Employees of the KForce Professional Staffing corporation can use the Paperless Employee KForce web site to manage all of their usual HR activity, including seeing old pay stubs, finding tax forms and more
  • Only current employees of KForce are allowed to have access to the paperless employee system (employees who are within two weeks of their last employment date can access the system though to get a few last documents they need)
  • Employees who work for KForce and don’t yet have an online account will need to create a new one using their KForce employee number that’s printed on their pay stubs

The KForce Paperless Employee site is a self service system, which means that employees can track down pay statements and old tax documents completely on their own, without having to call a representative on the phone or chatting with a KForce agent online. To use the Paperless Employee KForce web site, workers will need to have an online username and password set up. If a KForce worker forgets their Paperless Employee identification, they can reset it online as long as they know their Social Security number that they used to set up their account in the first place.

More Important Things to Know About KForce

KForce is a HR related company that provides flexible and direct hire staffing employees and helps hire more than 23,000 skilled professionals annually to over 4,000 clients in technology staffing and finance and accounting staffing. The Tampa Bay Times has often voted KForce one of the top companies to work for.

  • KForce has 60 offices across the United States and works with 70% of Fortune 100 companies
  • In 1962, KForce was born as Source Services Corporation, mostly providing services to companies that needed temporary workers for a short time period

To contact KForce with an HR related question:

  • No contact number found

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  1. – Access Delhaize Associate Benefits Online

My DZA Benefits

  • The My DZA benefits web site lets employees of Delhaize (including Delhaize America, Food Lion, and and Hannaford) access their company insurance benefits information
  • My DZA benefits online is open to anyone who works for a Delhaize company, and access by anyone who doesn’t fall under that qualification may be punishable by local and federal laws
  • is an online portal that’s available 24/7 and is updated as often as possible, so the information would be the same that any Delhaize HR associate could provide

For the Delhaize American insurance benefits login, employees will need to create a username and password. Employees will need to know their employee number (which they can get from a manager if they don’t have it) to sign up for an account online. My DZA benefits also has information about financial planning for Delhaize employees, information on free counseling sessions, discounts at other retailers and more.

Counseling benefits through Delhaize America

With My DZA, employees can have access to free counseling for things like social development, education, stress management, substance abuse, anxiety and depression, weight loss and more. These counseling services are offered to Delhaize employees at no additional cost, and are open to all employees regardless of their length of employment. All Delhaize America associates and their dependents can take advantage of the free services available through Delhaize’s “Resources for Living” program, regardless of whether or not that employee is enrolled in any medical plan. The Delhaize employee and dependents (including children up to age of 26) are eligible for three free sessions with a Resources for Living counselor.

To contact Delhaize America corporate

Delhaize began in 1867. They operate in seven countries and have their headquarters in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium. The company owns several popular European grocery chains like Red Market, AD Delhaize, Proxy Delhaize, and Shop & Go.

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