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  • Business employers and managers who use ADP for their payroll can utilize the ADP TotalSource web site to maximize their HR department
  • Organizations who want to use the ADP Total Source web site will need to log in with their administrative registration code to set up their account
  • After the company’s ADP account is activated, they will have the opportunity to create a username and password for all future logins

The ADP Total Source website is an HR Partner designed to help managers and employers with information related to insurance benefits, payroll, safety and legal compliance, risk management, recruiting new employees, and more.

My Total Source Register Now Comments

  • Companies who aren’t registered with the ADP Total Source system can register as long as they have their registration code
  • The ADP registration code will come directly from the ADP administrator (also called a “company pass code” or a “personal identification code”)
  • An organization who doesn’t have an ADP code will need to request one from their administrator

More Information to Know About ADP

ADP is the largest business outsourcer in America, with over 60,000 employees. ADP was formerly one of only four USA companies to receive an AAA credit rating from Standard and Poor’s index. The company began in 1949 when Henry Taub started a manual payroll processing company called Automatic Payrolls Inc.

  • ADP is often named as one of the best places in America to work, most recently by Computerworld as the #47 company
  • In 2010, Fortune said that ADP was the number one respected company in the financial data services industry
  • ADP’s annual revenue often surpasses $10,000,000,000, with their company processing over 20% of America’s paychecks

Any questions about My Total Source online?

  • 1.800.554.1802
  • One ADP Boulevard, Roseland, NJ 07068, United States

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