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Wegmans Community Giving

  • The Wegman’s Community Giving Donations web site gives residents who live in communities with a Wegman’s to request a potential donation from Wegman’s for their organization
  • Any donation or community sponsorship requests from Wegman’s must be submitted through the online donation request form
  • Wegman’s does not permit any type of leafleting, selling candy, cookies or flowers or similar things on their store property by any organization for any sort of purpose (organizations are instead asked to contact Wegman’s regarding a potential donation)

Wegman’s has what they consider to be five priorities when it comes to their community donations that determine what donations are approved: feeding the hungry in America, helping young people succeed in life, encouraging healthy eating and physical activity, enriching store neighborhoods and then supporting United Way initiatives. Customers who have requested a donation from Wegman’s can actually log on to check the status of their donation request instead of having to call to find out.

Wegmans Community Giving Notes

  • Each Wegman’s store has a certain amount of donations each year they are allowed, and it is up to the discretion of each Wegman’s store to choose what donations they want to approve
  • Wegmans will not accept written, faxed or emailed donation requests
  • Ideal for people who are a fan of the United WAY
  • Any size donations are accepted
What types of donation requests will Wegmans not accept?

There are several types of donations that will not be considered by Wegman’s. Wegman’s doesn’t support donation requests for personal endeavors, for college scholarships (Wegman’s education support is done though  employee tuition assistance), pageants, employee recognition events, requests from faith-based agencies for religious purposes (but Wegman’s will can consider humanitarian aid requests like food for people in need), charitable fundraising efforts of other businesses, professional development seminars and conferences, political contributions or any agency or event outside of the Wegman’s marketing areas.

To contact Wegman’s about a potential donation request

  • 1-800-848-1555

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