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Vanilla Mastercard

    • The Vanilla gift card is a prepaid card that’s accepted anywhere you see the Mastercard logo

Your card can be used immediately after the initial purchaseVanilla users have all the convenience of a bank account attached debit card, but without the hassle

The Vanilla prepaid gift card is a prepaid card that’s usable anywhere Mastercard is accepted. If you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift, your search ends here! You get all the benefits of a standard debit card without the downsides.

You can make a purchase with your Vanilla card using the “credit” option, but you can also use debit if you’d like. You will need to PIN  or debit transactions through. To choose a PIN, just choose “debit” for your first purchase and enter a PIN. Your transaction will process, and the number you entered becomes your permanent PIN.

If you already have a Vanilla gift card, be sure to set it up online. When you set up your Vanilla account online, you can see a history of the transactions you’ve made, find the remaining balance on your card, change your contact information, and more. Keeping track of your balance is important, because if you attempt to make a purchase that costs more than what remains on the card, your purchase will be declined.


  • There is no ATM access with the Vanilla card, and you cannot use it to get cash back at the register
  • Your personal information is not associated with the Vanilla card, so there’s no danger of identify theft
  • A service fee of $2.50 per month (starting in the 7th month from the date of activation) will be applied to any remaining balance. A $5.95 fee be charged for replacing the card for any reason


To contact Vanilla about your card:

  • 1-800-680-5941
  • Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card Customer Service, PO Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808