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  • MD Hearing Aid has been called “The Doctor’s Choice for Hearing Aids”
  • Hearing aids produced by MD are doctor designed, audiologist tested, and registered with the FDA
  • All hearing aids from MD Hearing Aid have a 100% money back guarantee, so customers can try the hearing aids with no obligation.

Customers who need quality hearing aids at an affordable price can turn to MC Hearing Aids for their hearing needs. Untreated hearing loss has a number of effects, even causing depression, anxiety, social isolation, and dementia, and MD knows that not everyone that needs a quality hearing aid can afford it.

MD Hearing Aids makes four different styles of hearing aids, three of then BTE (behind the ear) and one ITE (in the ear), with the cheapest costing less than $200. One of MD’s most popular hearing aids is the Volt, a hearing aid that rechargable, eliminating the need to constantly change batteries. The MD Hearing Aid Volt, the MD Hearing Aid Pro, and the MD Hearing Aid Air make up the company’s main product line for now.

Hearing aids produced by MD have been tested to be some of the highest quality at their price.

More about Try MD Hearing Aids

Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri is the founder of MD Hearing Aids, a Chicago based company. MD offers a customer service phone line that’s available 24 hours a day for assistance with devices. MD was recently the focus of research from the Combined Section Meeting of the Triological Society that looked in to whether low cost hearing aids could really benefit people more than higher cost ones.

  • MD Hearing Aids has a wide number of accessories and parts available to make sure that customers get the most from their devices

To contact MD Hearing Aid

  • 1-888-670-HEAR
  • 917 W Washington Blvd #202, Chicago, IL 60607

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