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The Toll Roads

  • California Drivers can log on to manage their Orange County toll account, including updating their payment information, changing the vehicle information if they have a new vehicle, and see details of a violation attached to their account
  • Drivers can choose from one of several accounts for Orange County toll roads, including Express Account charge, Express Account prepaid, or Fastrak
  • If a driver does not have an account with Orange County Toll Roads, they can mail in an application or create an account online

With the Toll Roads of Orange County web site, drivers can pay a toll violation they have received, manage their Orange County toll account, sign up for FasTrak or Express Account, calculate the toll for a planned trip, and view a map of toll roads. Drivers can pay a toll on an Orange County toll road without an account, but it’s recommended for drivers who will be traveling these roads regularly throughout California.

The Toll Roads Footnotes

  • FasTrak has the lowest tolls, with a $2 fee that’s waived after $25 per transponder, per month
  • FasTrak can be used over the entire state of California. Express Account charge has no fees and no transponder, and each toll is calculated individually
  • Express charge is only available on California State Routes 133, 73, 261, and 241. Express prepaid charges the same fees, but requires a driver to have a running balance before a toll can be deducted
  • A third option is the Express Account invoice, which has no transponder, and has a $2 monthly invoice fee

Orange County has over 700 miles of toll roads, making it the largest network of toll roads in California. Drivers can pay tolls online within five days before five days after travel with the one time payment option. The first time a one time payment is made, drivers will get $10 in free tolls.

To contact the Toll Roads of Orange County

  • P.O. Box 57011, Irvine, CA 92619-7011
  • (949) 727-4800 (the Toll Roads customer service call center operates from Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT


  1. www.thetollroads.com