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Texas Property Claims

  • Moore Law Group is one of the most experienced and effective property insurance litigation firms in the country.
  • Unlike many other law offices, Moore exclusively represents policy holders, meaning they are dedicated to small businesses – not corporations.
  • Moore ensures expert representation for all aspects of property insurance law, from fraud, business interruption, property damage and collapses to valuation concerns, property coverage problems, and subrogation.

With vast amounts of experience and comprehensive representation services designed with property insurance policyholders in mind, Moore Law Group represents people who need it most. Whether you’re experiencing property damage, lost business, or even locked in a dispute with your insurer, Moore Law Group wants to help you.

Important Information

  • Moore Law Group is fully bonded and licensed by the State of Texas and the United States of America.
  • The firm offers services throughout the mid Atlantic region.
  • Moore offers expert contract negotiation, insurance policy evaluations, litigation management, and rights enforcement for policyholders.

In order to properly evaluate your case and concerns, contact Moore Law Group directly. Clients have the option to speak over the phone, initiate and online chat, or book an appointment online.

Additional Details 

  • Moore Law Group is spearheaded by Nyanza L. Moore, who has received multiple honors and prestigious awards throughout her illustrious career.
  • The firm strives to ensure business owners receive their rightful compensation in every circumstance.
  • Moore’s collective experience, knowledge, resources, and client commitment ensure that every client receives the attention, care, and effort they deserve.

You can be sure that Moore Law Group will fight on your behalf, ensuring you receive the compensation, consideration, and representation you deserve. If you’re locked in an insurance dispute or experiencing any other issues stemming from property insurance problems, strongly consider Moore Law Group. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 713-665-8000 today.