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StarTribune Gift Cards

  • To claim a Star Tribune gift card, customers just need to enter their reward card voucher number in the box marked “Certificate Number” and follow the instructions
  • Star Tribune gift card vouchers are given to customers as a reward for subscribe to the newspaper
  • Once customers enter their Star Tribune gift card voucher number, they can select from a list of gift cards they’d like to receive

Subscribers of the Minneapolis Star Tribune who have received a notification about a gift card offer can logon to claim their gift card. Once a gift card is chosen, it will be mailed out to the recipient within 2 to 4 weeks.

StarTribune Gift Cards Comments

  • Make for an excellent birthday of wedding gift
  • Gift cards are available in a variety of amounts
  • Some gift cards may come with an activation fee
  • Gift cards can only be used to subscribe to the StarTribune newspaper service
  • These are not credit or debit cards and cannot be used at places like Walgreens

More Facts About The Star Tribune

  • 288,315 people subscribe to the Star Tribune on a daily basis, with nearly double that (581,063 people) subscribing on Sundays
  • Owned and operated by Star Tribune Media Company LLC aka Glen Taylor
  • Based at Star Tribune Building, 650 3rd Ave S., Suite 1300
  • Issues more than 500,000 papers on Sundays and over 280,000 daily

The Star Tribune was founded in 1867, and is Minnesota’s largest newspaper. It was originally known as the “Minneapolis Daily Tribune.” Writers and photographers for the Star Tribune have actually won three Pulitzers through the years, with three Pulitzers in addition coming from papers that have merged with the Star Tribune. The newspaper currently has their headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, at 650 3rd Ave. South, Suite 1300, Minneapolis, MN 55488. Any questions in regards to the Star Tribune Gift Cards can be directed to 612-673-4000.

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