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Rewards By Mail

  • Customers can use the¬†RewardsByMail service to track the status of a product rebate they have filed
  • When customers use this popular rebate service they can manage all rebates at once, and see the date that these rebates will be paid out
  • To track a rebate from RewardsByMail customers will need to enter their last name, their address number, and their ZIP code that was used to file the claim

Customers who use Rewards By Mail for a rebate claim will see all the rebates they have filed listed in chronological order, with the most recent rebate being listed at the top. The date that the rebate was filed will be show, along with the rebate status. Once customers log on to track the status of a rebate request from Rewards By Mail, they will see one of three categories: in process, mailed, or ineligible claim.

Rebates from Rewards By Mail are considered as an incentive for making a certain purchase, and cannot be redeemed outside of the redemption period listed. Once a rebate has been properly filed, Rewards By Mail should send that rebate out within 6 to 8 weeks of the submission date. Customers who do not receive their rebate within this time frame (as long as the rebate status shows “mailed”) are asked to e-mail privacy@pfcfulfills.com with their rebate details.

Rewards By Mail handles rebate offers for many companies, like Bosch, T-Fal, Skol, Advance, and more.

To contact Rewards By Mail

  • Write to “Promotion Fulfillment Center,” PO Box 2955 Clinton, IA 52733-2955
  • Send a fax to (563) 259-0110
  • E-mail privacy@pfcfulfills.com

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