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Quicken Bill Pay

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Sorting through the daily mail and paying bills can be a pretty tedious chore, but it’s something that everyone has to do. Online statements have made things a little easier, but it’s still a pretty time consuming task. Quicken is out to change all of that though!

Quicken Bill Pay is the fastest, most convenient way to pay all of your bills. You can make a payment to anyone in the United States, and you can make a payment from up to 10 accounts. You can even receive e-mail notification when your payment has arrived.

If you have a recurring payment like a mortgage or a car loan, you can set up your Quicken account to sent the exact same payment every month – it will continue until you stop it. To make sure that you don’t miss a payment, you can schedule an individual payment for up to one year in advance. For variable bills like utilities, you can have your Quicken account already set up with the appropriate information, and you just enter the amount of your bill every month.

Quicken is so sure of their services that they guarantee your payment will arrive on time. If a payment from Quicken Bill pay is ever late, they’ll cover any late fees. Quicken Bill Pay payments are sent using the highest of online security measures, making sure your account information stays safe.

If you’re not enrolled in Quicken Bill Pay, signing up is simple, and takes only minutes. All you need to do is enter your account information, and you’re all set!

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