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Pay Check Plus

  • Cardholders can log in to access their Paycheck Plus card account
  • With a Paycheck Plus card, customers have the convenience of a traditional credit or debit card without the hassle of having a bank account
  • Paycheck Plus lets users deposit their paychecks directly to a debit card, making it much easier to get money form an ATM, make purchases online or in-store, or send money to other people

For people who want to have the security of a bank account but don’t want to get a regular bank account, the Paycheck Plus card is a great, secure, convenient bank alternative. A Paycheck Plus account is impossible to be overdrawn, meaning there are no overdraft fees.

Each pay period, customers are allowed one free transaction from these categories: making a purchase in a store, buying a money order from the United States Post Office, or transferring money to a bank account.

Customers can save fees on their Paycheck Plus card by requesting cash back when they make a purchase in a store. This way, they will only be charged one transaction fee instead of two. Sending money from a Paycheck Plus card to a Dollar Direct card is only $4 each time, no matter how much money is sent. This means Paycheck Plus can save up to 75% on money transfer fees.

How to Access A Paycheck Plus card online

  • Customers trying to access their Paycheck Plus balance online will need to enter their authorization code along with their user name and password
  • Paycheck Plus recommends not copying and pasting the authorization code, as it’s very easy to copy a space at the beginning or the end of the code
  • If the authorization code still doesn’t work, call the customer service number on the back of the card

To contact Paycheckplus.com

  • Email webwervices@paychekplus.com
  • 1-877-368-0006

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