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Notice Class Black Warrior Settlement 

  • To file a claim, you will need to provide your Black Warrior account number, or your address so that your membership in Black Warrior can be confirmed
  • This class action lawsuit claims that Black Warrior electric corporation did not properly disclose what was known as “excessive revenues” they were supposed to distribute among customers
  • A final deadline to submit a claim in the class action lawsuit against Black Warrior hasn’t been determined yet, so you need to get your claim in as soon as you can

If you live in Alabama, there’s a good chance you know the name Black Warrior, as they’re one of the largest electricity providers in the state. If you are a customer of Black Warrior, pay attention, because you could have a free check coming to you thanks to a class action lawsuit.

This class action lawsuit alleges that Black Warrior Electric Membership Corporation violated Alabama laws when they didn’t disclose and distribute “excess revenues” received. As a result of the Black Warrior company not being upfront about their finances, a class action lawsuit was filed. Black Warrior electric does not admit that they have done anything wrong, but they have agreed to settle this class action suit out of court – to the tune of a settlement that’s over $10 million! And that’s money that’s going to be paid out to Black Warrior customers.

To file a claim, you will need to know your Black Warrior account number, or you will need to provide you address so that your membership in Black Warrior can be validated. Anyone who is a customer of Black Warrior at the time they send in their claim is eligible to participate in this suit

To contact the claims administrator in the Black Warrior electric class action lawsuit:

  • Black Warrior Electric Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 247, Birmingham, AL 35201-0487, 888-878-1991


  1. www.noticeclass.com/BlackWarriorSettlement