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Find Apartments and Rentals Online

  • Using WalkScore to help find an apartment lets you see what amenities are available within a 5 minute walk of each neighborhood
  • WalkScore also assigns “Transit Scores” and “Bike Scores” that rates the accessibility of both public transportation and bicycling paths in a neighborhood
  • When you use WalkScore to find an apartment, you’re not just seeing the best options available, but you’re finding apartments that will actually help better your life

If you’re looking for an apartment, make sure you don’t miss out on using WalkScore to find the best neighborhood available. When you use WalkScore to search for your next apartment, you’re seeing the top listings from across the Internet, not just the apartment listings that are available on one website.

How does WalkScore work? It takes an apartment’s address, and calculates what’s available within a 5 minutes walk (less than .25 miles). The more options that are in that neighborhood, the higher WalkScore it’s assigned!

What makes WalkScore so useful in looking for an apartment? WalkScore focuses on just how walkable a neighborhood is: how close it is to restaurants, entertainment, schools and shopping. WalkScore knows that having a walkable neighborhood means that you’re saving money, you’re improving your health, and you’re simply having a more enjoyable life.

WalkScore gives out more than 20 million neighborhood “walkability” ratings every single day! But WalkScore doesn’t just focus on providing ratings for how walker-friendly an address is. WalkScore also provides a “Transit Score” to each neighborhood that shares how much public transportation is available, and a “Bike Score” that tells just how bicycle friendly an address is.

Who Is WalkScore?

WalkScore lives by the motto “Walk More Drive Less” and operates in the countries of  the United States, Canada, and Australia.  The company is based in Seattle Washington and has recently raised more than 2 million US dollars from investors.  WalkScore originally launched in 2007 and has been criticized by some urban planning developers stating the program is not always accurate or relevant when gathering results.

To contact WalkScore:

  • Use the “contact us” link found on the WalkScore website