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Norton Set Up

  • Customers who have purchased a Norton product can visit the Norton Setup website to register and activate their software
  • To start the Norton activation process, customers will need to sign in with product key
  • Once a Norton product is registered, customers can manage their subscription and devices, and download Norton software updates automatically

Registering Norton software is required before it can be used, and is the best way to make sure the software functions properly. If a customer doesn’t already have an account with Norton, they will need to create one. Creating a Norton account requires a valid e-mail address and a cell phone number to ensure the quickest verification. When customers register their Norton software, they are helping fight against fraudulent downloads and other forms of piracy.

Norton Set Up Comments

  • Free to register and use
  • Norton software that is registered automatically downloads the latest virus definitions to keep up with changing technology
  • A must for anyone who owns more than one Norton product
  • Please dial (855) 815-2726 for any question in regards to the Norton set up process

More About Norton

Norton is one of the most popular names in anti-virus software around the world and usually holds about 60 to 70% of the market. Norton is most known for protecting against downloaded viruses, but the program also provides firewalls, e-mail spam filters, and phishing protection.

  • First released in 1991
  • Many people have criticized Norton because the software is notoriously difficult to fully uninstall, and often leaves files behind
  • Created by Symantec who has also faced criticism when technicians would tell customers their computers were infected with viruses and charge them expensive fees when the computers were really fine
  • Main competition comes from Kapersky

The Norton Corporate office is based at 350 Ellis Street, Mountain View, CA 94043 and can be reached by phone at 1 650-527-8000 (please do not call this number in regards to the Norton setup process).


  1. www.norton.com/setup