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Nordstrom Banking

  • Access a Nordstrom bank account online (this includes CD-Online Access)
  • Nordstrom Bank is a trade name of Nordstrom fsb, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordstrom, Inc.
  • Currently 18 month CD’s are yielding 1.25%

The Nordstrom Banking service is free to use for all current customers and requires a username in order to gain access.  Customers new to the Nordstrom online banking service will have to go through a bothersome registration process and provide their name, DOB, address, email, and phone numbers.  The good news is the registration process should only take a few minutes to complete and once registered customers can pay bills online.

What type of CD’s are offered by Nordstrom Banking?

  1. Automatically renewable CDs
  2. CDs that do not automatically renew

Consumers who elect option 2 will not have the CD automatically renewed and no interest will be earned after its stated maturity date.  Consumers who elect CD option number 1 will have the CD is automatically renew and it will renew at each maturity date for a period of time equal to the original term of, and on the same terms and conditions as, the original CD.  No matter what option is elected the customer will receive a mailing when a upcoming maturity date is close.  Please note the minimum amount to open a CD with Nordstrom Bank is $1000 and a penalty for early withdraw is imposed if the CD holder withdraws any of the principal before the maturity date.

Any questions or issues about the Nordstrom Banking service can be directed to nordstrombank@nordstrom.com.  Other methods of contacting the bank include via US mail at Nordstrom Bank 8502 East Princess Drive Suite 150 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 or by calling 866-862-1149 (please note the Nordstrom Banking call center is open from 8:00 am-5:00 pm MST Monday thru Friday… the call center is closed on weekends and federal holidays).

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