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Net Pay Advance

  • The Net Pay Advance web site offers customers the opportunity to apply for short-term payday loans that can be used for a number of purposes, like emergencies, home repair, and more
  • A loan that’s approved from Net Pay Advance by 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time will be deposited the next business day
  • Customers will receive an e-mail with the status of their Net Pay Advance loan usually within one hour of the time they applied (during business hours)

No credit is required to apply for a loan from Net Pay Advance (meaning Net Pay Advance does not run a credit check before the application), and money can be deposited in the applicant’s account in as little as 24 hours.

Net Pay Advance Comments

  • Application is free and customers will not be charged an application fee
  • The total amount that’s available to borrow from a Net Pay Advance loan depends on the individual applicant, but in many times, it’s as much as $1,500
  • Any loan made through Net Pay Advance will be due on the borrower’s next pay-day (between 7 and 31 days) in full
  • No payments can be made on a Net Pay Advance loan.

At the present time, only residents of Texas and California can use Net Pay Advance for loans.

How to Apply For A Loan From Net Pay Advance

  • Applying for a loan from Net Pay Advance will have an effect on the borrower’s credit report
  • If a loan from Net Pay Advance is paid with a bank transfer directly, the applicant will be eligible to apply for a new Net Pay loan in as little as 4 days

Any questions in regards to a Net Pay Advance loan can be directed to 888-942-3320.  To get started with a Net Pay Advance application, customers just need to click the “Get Cash Now” button and enter their basic personal information. Applicants will need to verify their income by sending a pay stub to Net Pay Advance.

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