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  • Applying for an auto loan from Nationwide Lending is simple, and the whole process (from pre approval to signing loan documents) can be handled entirely online
  • Nationwide Auto Lending even has a dedicated team of representatives that helps customers shop for autos in their area
  • Customers who receive a pre approval notice in the mail from Nationwide can enter their offer number to start the application process

Auto refinance loans issued by Nationwide can save customers hundreds or thousands of dollars by lowering loan interest rates (which means a lower monthly payment). For loans up to 36 month, Nationwide is currently offering auto loan refinancing rates that are as low as 2.6%. Depending on how much the vehicle is worth, Nationwide offers several terms for a car refinance loan, ranging from up to 60 months to up to 84 months.

Nationwide Bank My Card Comments

  • Fixed loans of 36 months by Nationwide require a minimum financing amount of $25,000 or greater to qualify for the lowest possible interest rate
  • All loans are offered by Nationwide Bank, which is a federal savings bank that serves as an affiliate of Nationwide

To apply for an auto loan from Nationwide, applicants do have to be at least 18 years old and a legal U.S. resident. If two people are applying jointly for a Nationwide loan, both parties should request a credit report before applying.

How can auto refinance loans by Nationwide save a customer money?

There are two main loan options available to credit customers. The first is where a customer keeps their same loan term, but refinances to a lower interest rate. The second is where the borrower keeps the same rate, but Nationwide give them a shorter term. The first means that the borrower will be paying less each month, while the second means the borrower will be paying on the loan for less time.

To contact Nationwide Bank about an auto loan:

  • 1-877-422-6569

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