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Your Diabetes Studies

  • People who have diabetes can get more information about research studies that pay up to $500 for testing new diabetes medications
  • There is no cost and no obligation for individuals to apply for a diabetes research study from Your Diabetes Study, and the person taking part will never be asked to pay anything
  • To get started, potential study applicants just need to enter the 1-800 number that is listed on the letter or e-mail to the individual. Individuals who did not receive an invitation can still take the qualifying survey by clicking the “I came here on my own” link

Participants in studies listed on Your Diabetes Studies will receive no cost care from local doctors and no cost study medications during the time of their clinical trial. Many diabetes medications don’t work for all people, so researchers are constantly working on new products and new medications. These medications need to be safely tested before they hit the market, so the pharmacy companies pay individuals to test the medication.

Your Diabetes Studies Comments

People who suffer from diabetes have an excellent chance at qualifying for local studies in their area but it’s recommended that they contact Acurian Health and Your Diabetes Study quickly, as open spot do fill fast.

How Are Participants in Diabetes Studies Paid?

Compensation may also be given for time and travel if the study asks for multiple visits. In some studies, a certain portion of the study participants will receive an active medication, while others will receive a placebo medication that has no actual effects.

To contact Acurian Health about a diabetes research study program:

  • 1-877-791-6647

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