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  • Customers of WellDyneRx can use the popular MyWDRx service to manage their prescription benefits
  • The WellDyneRx site recently made security changes, so customers will now need to log in with their Rx BIN number, which can be found on their prescription ID card
  • Mail order pharmacy that works with many major insurance providers

Patients who have their prescription benefits plan through WellDyneRx can visit the My WDRx online portal to manage everything related to their prescription, including requesting a refill, seeing how many refills are available, finding out if medications will interact with each other, and more.

Once patients log in using their BIN number (located on their prescription information), they will be directed to a page where they can log in with their user name and ID. If patients do not already have a user name and ID established with WellDyne, they can set one up in only a few minutes.

WellDyneRx is fully accredited by the URAC, the National Association Boards of Pharmacy, and the ACHC.

More things to know about WellDyneRx

  • Their mail order facilities handle over 1,000,000 prescriptions every year through highly trained pharmacists and an advanced robotics system
  • Serves members through more than 65,000 pharmacies across the United States
  • Also operates US Specialty Care, which is a specialty medicine provider operating in all 50 states
  • Manages a system called NetCard, which is in almost 70,000 pharmacies in America, and uses state of the art technology to verify, process, and administer prescription claims

To contact WellDyneRx:

  • WellDyneRx, P.O. Box 90369, Lakeland, FL 33804
  • Call toll free at 1-888-479-2000

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