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My Panera Missed Visit

  • Customers who forgot to show their Panera Bread Rewards card when they made a purchase can visit the “Panera Bread Missed Visit” site to have a purchase applied to their account
  • To add a missed visit to a Panera account, customers simply need to log in to their “My Panera” account, click “Missed Visit” and enter the number shown on their receipt
  • Missed visit points will be credited to a Panera account within 3 days of the time they are reported missing

Thanks to Panera Bread rewards, loyal customers can rack up great rewards just for eating at Panera. Visit points do not accrue at Panera until a Rewards account has been activated.  Each time a customer has earned enough points for a Panera reward, they will see a note at the bottom of their receipt. This will indicate how many points are currently in the Panera account, and how many points are needed to reach the next reward. When customers sign in to their My Panera Bread account, they can see the expiration date on any rewards they have.

My Panera Missed Visit Comments

  • Is free to use but members only have a limited amount of time to claim the missed visit
  • Must sign up as a rewards members in order to claim a missed visit

More Things About Panera Bread

  • Is famous for their fresh-baked bagels and pastries, including bear claws, chocolate pastries, chocolate chip muffins and more
  • Opened their first location in Kirkwood, Missouri in 1993 (was known as St. Louis Bread company at that time)
  • Expanded to Canada in 2008
  • Has been called North America’s healthiest fast casual restaurant thanks to their numerous salad and soup offerings, and because most portions are noticeably lighter than competitors

Members of Panera Bread Rewards also earn awesome benefits just for being a part of the club like free bakery items (including the Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake), exclusive product tastings, e-mailed cooking and baking tips, entertaining ideas, recipe books, and more

To contact Panera Bread about A My Panera Account

  • Any questions about the My Panera Missed Visit service can be directed to 1 (855) 372-6372
  • The Panera Bread corporate office is based at 630 S Geyer Rd #100, St. Louis, MO 63127

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