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MyHR Kellogg

  • The myHR: Kellogg’s Human Resources page is an online portal for active American employees of Kellogg’s to manage human resources services
  • To login to Kellogg’s HR online, employees will need to login with their username (example uskxyz01) and password
  • Access to the My HR Kellogg’s web site is limited to only former employees, current employees, and retirees of Kellogg’s and any unauthorized use may be punishable by law

Employees who work for the Kellogg’s corporation in the USA can use the Kellogg’s MyHR web site to access their personal benefits information, request time off, view their recent Kellogg’s paychecks, print tax forms, and other HR needs.

Information on MyHR Kellogg is considered to be as updated as possible, and would be the same information that any Kellogg’s manager or HR representative would have access to, so employees are recommended to check the My HR portal first if they have any questions about their employment.

More about Kellogg’s

Kellogg Company employs just over 30,000 people around the world. During the Great Depression, the Kellogg Company was famous for initiating 30 hour work weeks (instead of the 40 hour week that is still standard today) so that an additional shift of workers could be employed, meaning more people could be working in the depression era. The Kellogg’s 30 hour work week continued until well past World War II.

  • Today Kellogg’s products are made in 18 different countries all over the world and are marketed in more than 180 of the world’s countries
  • The largest Kellogg’s factory is located at Trafford Park in the United Kingdom (also where the Kellogg’s European headquarters can be found)

To contact Kellogg’s HR about an online account:

  • 1-800-243-7643
  • service@kellogg.com

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