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My Account Wild Blue

  • Customers with WildBlue e-mail accounts can log on to access their e-mail or to manage their e-mail account settings
  • Depending on the device being used, setup options are a little different for each one. WildBlue setup instructions are available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry,  and Windows Phone devices
  • When customers visit the Exede web site, they can check to see if Internet service is available at their specific address

For customers who don’t live in areas served by traditional Internet service providers, Exede is a company that provides high-speed two way satellite Internet access that’s much faster than dial up. My Account WildBlue Internet has been specifically developed with rural customers in mind, and it’s available anywhere in the continental United States.

In 2001, WildBlue signed a $17 million contract with ViaStat to use their satellites for e-mail communications and Internet service. WildBlue Internet service launched in October of 2004, and was in a testing period until early 2005, when they finally started signing up customers. WildBlue Internet service was upgraded in 2007 when the WildBlue-1 satellite was put into service.

More Things to Know About Wild Blue

ViaStat owns Exede, a satellite Internet company that provides service to almost 700,000 homes

  • A division of ViaStat, which was founded in 1986 and has their headquarters is Carlsbad, California
  • ViaStat provides Internet service to many major military markets, and has been ranked among the top 50 “Space Companies” in America
  • Owns three satellites that are constantly orbiting the Earth, each one equipped to handle millions of customers

To contact Wild Blue

  • Any questions about the My Account Wild Blue service can be directed to (866) 905-6768
  • A help section is available on their web site for customers that have Exede Internet or WildBlue e-mail service

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