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ML Intern Settlement

  • A recent class action lawsuit alleges that Merrill Lynch violated New York labor laws by not paying interns properly for hours they worked
  • Merrill Lynch denies that they violated any laws, and insists that they do not owe interns any wages, but to avoid the burden of a lengthy court case, they have agreed to settle this matter out of court
  • Interns who worked with Merrill Lynch will need to submit a valid claim in this class action lawsuit to be able to receive free compensation

Merrill Lynch is involved in a class action lawsuit over not paying their interns, and anyone who was an intern could be in line to get $500. All settlement members who file a valid claim (meaning they worked an unpaid internship with Merrill Lynch) can get $500 for each internship they worked (meaning either a semester or a quarter) Ordinary payroll tax deductions will be taken out of this settlement from Merrill Lynch.

ML Intern Settlement Comments

  • Interns can choose to opt out of this class action lawsuit against Merrill Lynch, but the only reason to do that would be if someone intends on suing Merrill Lynch on their own regarding this matter
  • Merrill Lynch interns who do nothing (don’t opt out but also don’t submit a claim) will lose their right to sue as an individual as well
  • Class members submitting claim forms via US mail should send them to: Merrill Lynch Intern Litigation Settlement Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 40007, College Station, TX 77842-4007

When will the Merril Lynch class action lawsuit be decided?

Justice Denise Sher of the New York Supreme Court has not yet ruled in this matter, but it’s expected for the settlement to be approved. Judge Sher will rule on this case on August 29, 2016. When approved, Merrill Lynch will mail out settlement checks to interns within two weeks of that date.  To contact a representative about the Merrill Lynch class action lawsuit please email mlinternshipsettlement@kccllc.com or call 1-877-646-8569.

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