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Chase Lounge Club Ink Card Enrollment

  • Chase Bank Lounge Club is an exclusive program for cardholders that allows customers exclusive access to airport lounges worldwide
  • Chase recently stopped accepting Lounge Club enrollments from new customers
  • Chase announced that it was discontinuing the Lounge Club program, but as compensation offered a one year farewell enrollment to existing Ink cardholders.

For years, Chase offered an exclusive Lounge Membership to Ink Plus Business cardholders. The membership provided cardholders with guaranteed access to airport lounges worldwide, ensuring that frequent travelers could take advantage of the comfort and convenience of lounges.

Important Information

  • This past spring, Chase sent a letter to all Ink Plus cardholders announcing that the program would be phased out
  • Existing Lounge Club members get to retain membership through the expiration date on their Chase Ink Plus card, but won’t be able to renew once the expiration date passes
  • If customers weren’t already enrolled in the Lounge Club, Chase automatically offered a twelve month membership as a courtesy
  • All other card benefits remain intact at this time.

Because Chase is discontinuing the Lounge Club, new cardholders can’t enroll. Additionally, existing cardholders only had until 30 April 2015 to take advantage of the twelve month courtesy enrollment. Chase closed the program to new members on 1 May. If you’re an Ink Plus cardholder who would like to take advantage of the limited membership but never received the notification letter, contact Chase customer service right away.

More Details

  • Chase has not provided an official reason for the program’s discontinuance
  • If you took advantage of the limited enrollment, or get to retain membership through the date on your Chase card, be aware that lounge entry fees will apply for the length of your enrollment term
  • If you still have questions or concerns about your Lounge Club card, contact Chase directly for clarification.

The Lounge Club is a very useful resource for regular business travelers. While we’re sad to see that Chase is canceling the program, members still have several months of lounge access. Depending on your card’s expiration date, you may have a few years left before your membership terminates, so be sure to take advantage of the Lounge Club while you can.