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Idaho Power Payments

  • Logon to pay an Idaho Power utility bill with a no fee electronic check. Payments for an Idaho Power bill can be paid with a credit or debit card, but there will be a small fee
  • To register for an online account with Idaho Power, customers will need to enter their account number, which is located at the top of the bill under the customer’s name
  • A payment made to an Idaho Power bill will be applied to the customer’s account by the end of the next business day

Idaho Power was founded in 1915, and serves the southern Idaho and eastern Oregon region. Idaho Power owns 17 hydroelectric dams and two natural gas power plants that supply their power.  For customers who want to have a better idea of what their power bill will be each month, Idaho Power offers a “Budget Pay” option where each payment is the same amount, and annual usage is divided over 12 months. The amount for an Idaho Power Budget Pay bill is recalculated every year.

  • Customers can also sign up for a “Preferred Pay” option to pay their Idaho Power bill
  • Under this plan, the monthly bill is automatically debited from a checking or savings account with no additional fee
  • Customers can choose to utilize Preferred Pay and Budget Pay together

Idaho Power understands that from time to time, customers may have a little trouble paying their bill. If an Idaho Power bill is too high for a customer to pay, the customer needs to contact Idaho Power and let them know. If the situation is temporary, Idaho Power will work with the customer to find a solution. If a customer is going to have permanent hardships, Idaho Power will work with an emergency assistance organization to help the customer.

To contact Idaho Power:

  • 1221 W. Idaho St., Boise, ID 83702
  • 208-388-2200


  1. www.idahopower.com/ServiceBilling
  2. www.idahopower.com