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Huggies Fandango Reward

  • A printer and Adobe are required to print a Fandango Huggies reward, and customers must bring their printed certificate to a participating theater box office to redeem
  • A Huggies Fandango movie certificate is good towards one admission (up to a $15 total value) to see any other Disney movie at a participating theater in the United States
  • Fandango rewards codes and movie certificate earned through this Huggies promotion will be void if it’s not redeemed by January 31, 2016.

With the Huggies Fandango Reward web site, customers can enter rewards codes from Huggies products and redeem them for Fandango movie certificates. Huggies Fandango codes are available on any specially marked Huggies product, including diapers and wipes. Once Fandango rewards are redeemed, they are credited to the customer’s account instantly, and can be used to redeem a movie certificate right away. Customers can find a list of participating theaters that will accept their Huggies Fandango reward by visiting the web site www.hollywoodmoviemoney.com and entering their zip code. Huggies Fandango Rewards do expire at a certain point, so it’s important for customers to enter their codes before the deadline to ensure they’ll receive credit for them. Once codes are redeemed for a movie certificate from Fandango, that free movie certificate does in turn expire on it’s own, and can’t be redeemed past its expiration date.

Can a Huggies Fandango reward be used at any theater?

When a Fandango Reward from Huggies is printed, the customer will be asked to choose a specific theater they want to see their free movie at. In most cases though, the Fandango certificate can be used at any theater that sells their tickets through Fandango.

To contact Fandango about a Huggies rewards certificate

  • Call 1 (866) 857-5191

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