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Aptive Feedback

  • Customers who have had a visit from Aptive Environmental Pest Control can take a survey about their experience and receive a $5 credit towards their next service
  • Only one $5 Aptive Environmental credit can be claimed per customer each year, regardless of how many times that customer takes the survey
  • To begin taking the Aptive Environmental survey, customers will need to enter their 3 digit Aptive ID that is directly linked to their pest control account, and can be found on their service invoice above the survey offer

Aptive Environmental is a pest control company that is dedicated to not only making sure that homes are insect and rodent free, but that this happens with the least harshest chemicals possible, meaning they do what’s safest for their customers and for the environment. The Aptive survey should only take customers 5 to 10 minutes to completely finish. By filling out the form on the Aptive Environmental web site, customers can save $50 off of their first service order. Customers who take the Aptive Environmental survey for the fist time will receive a $5 credit on their next quarterly service (with an overall limit of one $5 survey credit per customer per every calendar year). However, customers can leave feedback and take a survey after every Aptive Environmental visit.

More to Know About Aptive Environmental

Aptive was founded in 2015 and is committed to helping protect the world’s health from disease-carrying pests. Aptive Environmental has a guarantee that if pests come back to a home or business within a certain time after treatment (how long depends on what type of pest was treated), they will return and service the site again absolutely free. Services from Aptive Environmental are available to both residential and business customers. To contact Aptive Environmental about the $5 survey experience Call their Chicago office at 630-847-2847

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