www.htc.promo.eprize.com/uhoh – HTC UH OH Life Happens Promo

HTC Promo EPrize UHOH

  • Telecom giant HTC now offers one of the most comprehensive device protection plans in the industry – the all-new Uh Oh Protection Plan.
  • The Uh Oh Plan is a new phone insurance plan that offers an unprecedented level of protection against problems other insurers don’t cover, like water damage and cracked screens.
  • HTC is inviting all curious consumers to learn more about Uh Oh – and win a brand new phone while they’re at it.

Customers can win a brand new phone and a swag bag filled with other HTC merchandise by taking the Uh-Oh Life Happens quiz! Once you take the quiz online, you’re eligible to enter the sweepstakes once every day, giving you dozens of chances to win!

Important Information

  • You can enter online any time during the promotional period.
  • HTC will award eight grand prize packages this fall.
  • Each prize package will contain an HTC M9 phone and a swag bag with tons of premium HTC merchandise.
  • Each entrant is eligible to win one prize.
  • Customers can also earn bonus entries by taking the Uh-Oh quiz, or

You don’t have to buy anything, pay any fees, or own any HTC devices in order to enter or claim your prize. Make sure you provide valid contact information when you register, because if HTC can’t reach you they’ll award your prize to another contestant.

How to Enter

  • Complete the registration form htc.promo.eprize.com/uhoh.
  • Take the Uh Oh quiz for a bonus entry.
  • Share the Uh-Oh Protection Plan on Twitter to earn yet another entry and maximize your chance at winning the grand prize!

With eight grand prizes packages of amazing phones and premium swag, this is one of the best sweepstakes opportunities available for tech lovers! Register now to claim as many entries as possible before the 2 October closing date. Remember, more entries mean more chances to win, so enter fast!