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Fitbit Set Up Online

  • To start your Fitbit setup, download the Fitbit app from Google Play, the Apple Store, or the Windows Store
  • Track your activity level, sleep patterns, and eating habits
  • Connect with to see how they’re doing and to have someone keep you accountable

If you’ve been wanting to get healthier but just couldn’t find the motivation, help is here! Fitbit is dedicated to helping people live healthier, sleep better, and stay more active. How? Fitbit a small band that wraps around your wrist and tracks your physical activity, from intense workouts to walking to your car. You can keep track of distance walked or ran, calories burned, and duration of workouts. The band connects with your phone and lets you view just how active you’ve been throughout the day. Your progress is given in easy to read charts and graphs, letting you see just how much you’re actually doing.

In addition, you can keep track of the foods you eat to help make healthier choices. Fitbit even tracks your sleep patterns and lets you know how much rest you’re getting. The band itself is sleek and fashionable, but there are even plenty of accessories you can add to make the look even better.

To start the setup for your Fitbit device, download the app. You can get it on any Apple, Android, or windows mobile device. Once you have the app downloaded, simply follow the prompts. You will be asked to connect your Fitbit to your phone. If you don’t have a mobile device available, you can download the program for Windows.

  • Special LED lights let you know how close you are to the goals you set
  • Wake up with a silent, vibrating alarm that’s designed to wake you during your lightest period of rest

 To contact Fitbit support:

  • Call (877) 623-4997
  • E-mail through their online system
  • Twitter @FitbitSupport