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ePay Help Me

  • Get help from the ePay support team with the ePay Help Me link
  • ePay processes point of sale payments for items like phone cards and gift cards all across the world
  • Once a customer uses the ePay help me site, their question will be sent directly to ePay support, where the support team will give the customer a call or e-mail usually within 48 hours

Any customer who has purchased a product handled through ePay or any business that deals with ePay to help sell products can use the ePay support link. The ePay Help Me service is set up for people who use the ePay service to contact ePay support with a question regarding an account, a prepaid wireless card, handset leasing, or an international top up card. ePay also has a fully developed settlement and finance reporting service for the companies that choose to use their services, just to help make things a little easier. Customers using the Help Me part of ePay’s service will need to enter their e-mail address along with their first and last name. There will be a section to add any supporting documents or files to help get your question answered, but it’s not necessary to do this to ask a question. Once that information is filled in, there’s a space to send a question to ePay support.

More Things to Know About ePay

ePay (a division of Euronet Worldwide) is a global company that has their headquarters located in Leawood, Kansas. They are one of the biggest prepaid product processors in the world, with different offices in 17 countries around the globe. Nearly 700,000 point of  points of sale locations are serviced through ePay in countries like Brazil, India, Italy, New Zealand, France, Australia, Romania, Russia, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Greece, Poland, Spain, the UK and the United States.

To contact ePay headquarters

  • 3500 College Boulevard, Leawood, KS 66211
  • 1-800-983-9385

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