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DISH Connect Broadband

  • National digital broadband provider DISH network now offers an exclusive program that allows you to view DISH content virtually anywhere
  • With all-new Get Connected service, DISH customers have access to a huge number of TV shows and movies through its exclusive on-demand content platform
  • Customers can sign up for DISH services separately, or bundle everything together for fantastic savings

Check out some of the most exciting digital media offerings currently available! In addition to hundreds of channels and powerful high-speed internet, DISH offers an incredible array of free movies and TV shows through their On Demand platform and DISH Anywhere app!

Important Information

  • DISH On Demand and Dish Anywhere are only available to DISH subscribers – you won’t be able to sign up for these services if you don’t have an existing subscription
  • You don’t have to pay additional fees for On Demand and DISH Anywhere – they’re included free with a DISH subscription
  • DISH On Demand content is accessible through your DISH Network box. DISH Anywhere is an app that can be loaded on your smartphone or tablet

DISH On Demand content rotates frequently, and contains an array of new shows, recent Hollywood blockbusters, older content, and beloved classics. Everything available through DISH on Demand is available on DISH Anywhere. Bear in mind that you’re responsible for any data usage fees incurred while using the DISH Anywhere app.

How to Get DISH On Demand

  • Visit Dish.com/connectbroadband.
  • Click the red “Get Connected” Button.
  • Choose your receiver type, and follow the instructions for connecting your receiver. Depending on your setup, you may need to order a wireless adapter.

With tons of premium movies and television shows at no extra charge, DISH on Demand is the perfect complement to your satellite TV subscription! Don’t wait to start watching your free content. Sign up today at dish.com/connectbroadband!