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BK Feedback EIRE

  • Diners who have visited a Burger King location in Ireland can take the Eire Burger King UK sire and take a guest survey about their Burger King experience
  • Once customers take the Ireland Burger King survey, they will have 14 days to redeem the offer printed on the front of the receipt
  • The Burger Kine Eire survey will take customers less than 10 minutes to finish, and will ask a few brief questions about the Burger King employees and food, and then give a chance for customers to write any comments they want to share

Every customers who finishes the Burger King Eire survey will receive a validation code that can be written on their receipt and then taken back to claim the offer printed (usually, it’s a free Burger King sandwich with the purchase of a medium fry and drink). When the survey is done, Burger King Ireland customers will instantly receive their validation code to write on their receipt. To begin taking the Ireland Burger King survey, customers will just need to enter their Burger King location code in the space provided on the site. Any customer who visits a Burger King can take the Eire Burger King site and take the survey, and any customer can redeem their coupon code.

BK Feedback EIRE

  • The Burger King survey coupon code can only be used at participating BK restaurants
  • All survey information will be used to improve on the food (i.e. Whopper, french fries) and customer service
  • The customer’s information will not be released to BK employees

More to Know About Burger King

Burger King first opened their doors in 1954, and they have over 15,000 locations across the world today. Their headquarters is currently at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami-Dade County, Florida. More than 50% of Burger King’s locations can be found outside the United States, spread out over 100 different countries. At the end of the year 2014, Burger King was the world’s second largest hamburger fast food chain (counting number of global locations).

To contact Burger King’s Ireland headquarters:

  • Phone:  016628230
  • Address:  21 Merrion Sq, DUBLIN 2, DUBLIN, D2

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