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Tell Dunkin

  • UK diners who have visited a Dunkin’ Donuts can get a coupon for a free doughnut by taking a customer survey about their trip
  • To get started taking the Dunkin’ Donuts UK survey, customers just need to enter the 18 digit survey code located in the middle of their receipt
  • The free doughnut coupon from Dunkin’ is valid starting 24 hours after the customer gets their receipt, and with the purchase of a medium or large coffee

With the UK Dunkin’ Donuts Guest Satisfaction Survey, customers who have made a coffee or doughnut purchase at a Dunkin’ can take a survey about their experience and get a coupon for a free doughnuts as a sign of thanks. Customers will need their original receipt from Dunkin’ to take the survey (which only takes 5 minutes to finish),  because there’s an 18 digit survey code printed on it that makes sure their feedback makes it to the right store. Customers who have a Dunkin’ receipt without a survey code can just enter their 6 digit store number and the date and time of their visit instead of a survey code. Any customer can take the UK Dunkin’ Donuts survey and get a coupon for a free doughnut, regardless of their age or whether they’re a resident of the UK.

Tell Dunkin Notes

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to complete
  • Customers who complete the survey in full should receive a reward
  • All survey feedback will be kept confidential and will be used to improve on the quality of the donuts and coffee

More to Know About Dunkin’ Donuts UK

In January of 2014, Dunkin’ returned to the UK after a long departure by opening their first UK store in Harrow, London. Dunkin’ was founded in 1950, and has 11,000 locations across the world today. Dunkin’ operates in 36 different countries today, making it one of the largest coffee and baked goods companies in the world.

  • Dunkin’ Donuts is owned by Dunkin’ brands, who also owns and operates Baskin Robbins ice cream shops

To contact Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters about a survey invitation:

  • 130 Royall Street, Canton, MA 02021

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