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My Free Gas Reward

  • When customers use the My Free Gas Reward website to shop online and make a purchase from qualified merchants (over 400 different ones are available),  a 5% “Gas Back Reward” is credited to the customer’s account
  • Gas rewards from “My Free Gas Reward” can be redeemed once the customer hits $25.00 in their account. When customers redeem their gas reward, they simply choose the gas station (like Exxon, Shell, or BP), and they receive a gift card from that station
  • There is a limit of $50 that can be redeemed from My Free Gas Rewards at once

Shopping through the My Free Gas Reward portal doesn’t cost the customer anything extra, the customer just earns point for every purchase they make. Purchases must be made through the myfreegasreward.com portal, as going straight to the merchant’s web site won’t accumulate any gas rewards points. Merchants generally give commissions when a web site refers a shopper, and My Free Gas Rewards passes these commissions on to the shopper.

A sample of merchants available to shop from include Sears, Target, Macy’s, AutoZone, Omaha Steaks, Ace, and Travelocity. No more than one free gas rewards card can be redeemed every 6 months. My Free Gas Rewards is owned and operated by Exclusive Incentive Marketing Inc.

How long does it take to earn gas rewards points via My Free Gas Rewards?

  • Gas rewards points usually take about 90 days to credit because merchants don’t pay out commissions until the potential for the customer to return the item and receive a refund has passed

Once a valid purchase is made, it is usually credited the the customer’s gas rewards account within 90 days. Customers know points have been credited when a transaction moves from “pending” to “available” (which usually takes less than 6 weeks). Purchases usually show up as pending within 7 days.

To contact My Free Gas Rewards:

  • 9420 Reseda Blvd. #800, Northridge, CA 91324
  • (800) 939 – 0140

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