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My Card ADP

  • The Aline prepaid debit card from ADP is accepted anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is taken, at thousands of merchants around the world, via phone, or online
  • For withdrawals that are made in network, there is no charge for a customer to get cash from their ADP prepaid card at an ATM
  • There is no interest earned or applied to an Aline ADP card, but there are also no minimum balance requirements or annual fees.

The Aline card from ADP is a prepaid card that works just like a MasterCard or Visa debit card. When customers manage their money with an ADP card, they’re not just getting access to their money 48 hours faster than with a traditional paper check, but they’re doing so in a method that’s much more secure than carrying cash.

Things to note about the My Card ADP

  • Customers have five ways they can add funds to a prepaid ADP debit card. Money can be put on an ADP card at thousands of retailers, via direct deposit from a job, through a government benefits check that’s sent directly to the card like a bank account, through an annual tax return, or through a child support payment
  • With the ADP Aline app for mobile phones, customers can register their accounts and have 24 hour access to checking live balances, getting daily balance alerts, setting up transaction alerts, and setting alerts for when the balance drops below a preset point

To sign in to an ADP prepaid account online, customers just need to enter their card number or the user name they set up. Customers can request a second ADP card for a spouse or family member. Both cardholders will share the same pool of funds, with each one having full access to the ADP prepaid card balance.

Looking to contact ADP about an Aline prepaid card?

  • 1.877.237.4321


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