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MAP PrePaid

  • Map prepaid reloadable cards are one of the best and most secure prepaid debit card options available, and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Visa recommends that Map card customers put a security PIN on their card so that money will be safe if the card is ever lost or stolen
  • One of the biggest advantages of a Map prepaid card is that funds are stored with Visa, meaning that if a Map card is ever lost, the money on the card can still be obtained

Many Map cards do not have the customer’s actual name on them, instead coming with a message like “Happy Holidays” or “Happy Birthday.” Customers will not need to show identification when using these cards, so it’s recommended that the user set up a 4 digit PIN for security purposes (although the customer will still sign their name on the receipt).

MAP PrePaid Comments

  • To create a PIN for a Map card, customers need to visit the “Map prepaid” web site, then click “activate my card.”
  • Will not hurt or improve a credit score
  • Any questions about the MAP Prepaid card can be directed to 866-906-4170

Customers trying to use a Map prepaid card at a gas station will need to prepay for their purchase inside with a cashier. An e-mail address is not required to set up a Map debit card, but it is recommended in case the customer ever needs to reset the password on their account.

Can customers spend more than the balance on a Map prepaid card?

Map prepaid cards can only be used for the amount that’s remaining on the card. The majority of retailers use a “pre-authorization” to ensure that funds are available for purchase. If a customer tries to make a purchase on a Map card that’s more than the available amount, the purchase will be declined.

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