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EPIX HD Activate

  • To begin getting the best movies and TV shows from Epix, customers will need to activate their device first
  • Customers who have added Epix to their cable package also have access to take their Epix on the go with other devices
  • To activate Epix, customers will need to choose the device they want to stream content on, and then log in to their account and enter a special access code

Epix is one of the most popular premium cable TV channels, and shows some of the latest movies, along with great special content like James Bond showcases, plus concerts from Pink, Katy Perry, and Madonna. Subscribers who have Epix as a part of their TV plan also have access to stream Epix content through eligible devices. There’s no limit to how much content can be streamed online with Epix, and there are even lots of great on demand options (EPIX HD Activate customers will have to pay extra for some ONDEMAND features). In 2010, Netflix signed a partnership deal with Epix, giving Netflix subscribers access to content that Epix owns exclusive rights to.

What is Epix?

  • First launched in 2009, making it one of the youngest premium channels
  • Available in over 50 million homes around the USA
  • Has their headquarters in New York City
  • A huge library of films thanks to their exclusive deals with several major movie studios, plus some smaller, independent studios

To contact Epix Network

  • 1540 Broadway, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10036 (please do not write to this address with questions about the EPIX HD Activate process)

Epix is an entertainment network that’s actually a partnership between some of the biggest names in the industry like Viacom, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM. Epix is a TV network that’s available on almost all major providers, including AT&T, Charter, Time Warner Cable, and more.  Epix is well-known for being the first major premium network to provide access across several platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Apple phones, Chromecast, tablets, Android phones, and Roku players).

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