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Live Survey Research

  • DSS provides healthcare based market research studies, and has been providing some of the best facilities for this research for over 20 years
  • Login to the DSS live survey with the username and password you were given
  • All surveys are conducted on a secure server, so your answers cannot be seen by anyone outside the company

For over 20 years, DSS Live has provided professional market research that focuses solely on health care. If you’re a client, you can experience their studies through any DSS connection. If you’re interested in conducting research, DSS has the technology and setup to support the entire process, from beginning to end.

DSS Live works with doctors, hospitals, medical providers, insurance companies, patients and more to make sure that the absolute best healthcare service is being administered. With analytics, consultation, and research, they find out exactly what’s happening in the medical field, and where improvement is needed the most.

If you have an invitation to a survey, you should have been given a username and password. This information will log you in to the system to take your specific survey. When you complete a survey with DSS, you’re contributing to the betterment of healthcare, so it’s important to be fully honest. Companies aren’t looking for certain answers or for the “right” answer, but for completely honest feedback. You’re not just helping yourself, but you’re helping thousands of other patients or medical providers.

  • Any DSS Live survey is conducted on a secure server, so there’s no risk of your information being seen by anyone else except the intended recipient.
  • DSS Live is known for being one of the top names in the medical research field, and it shows through every one of their surveys

To contact DSS Live about an online survey:

  • 1-800-989-5150
  • Use the contact form on their website