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Cryptsy Settlement

  • People who owned Cryptsy Cryptocurrency and were unable to access their account may be eligible to receive payment under a two new class action lawsuits against Cryptsy
  • The deadline to submit a claim in the Cryptsy class action suit is May 17, 2017, with a fairness hearing date of June 2, 2017
  • Account holders may show up to speak at the Cryptsy fairness hearing, but they’re not required to appear in person to file a claim in the Cryptsy class suit

The Cryptsy Cryptocurrency Settlement is a class action law suit that alleges the Cryptsy company actually stole user money and converted it for company use, locking account holders out of their money. Cryptsy denies these claims, but has agreed to return user account money. If Cryptsy account holders do nothing, they will not file a claim the class action suit against Cryptsy and they won’t receive any sort of payment. The only way to get payment in the Cryptsy suit is to file an eligible claim. All claims in the class action suit against Cryptsy will be checked against web site records to ensure they’re valid.

Who is eligible for the class action suit against Cryptsy?

Anyone who had a Cryptsy account that contained Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, or any other form of money from November 1, 2015 to June 2, 2017, and who couldn’t access their money may be eligible to get payment from a class action suit. The only people who are excluded from the suit are employees of Cryptsy, the company shareholders, and their officers and their immediate families.

To contact a claims administrator in the Cryptsy class action suit

Any questions about the Cryptsy law suit should be directed to a claims administrator, not the court.

  • Write to Marc A. Wites, Wites & Kapetan, P.A., 4400 N. Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064
  • Call (954) 570-8989

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