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  • Purchase a customizes barcode from BuyabarCode.com and receive a digital barcode that can be used or printed right away
  • Every single barcode purchased from from BuyaBarCode.com will be unique (only issued one time) and will be a brand new code
  • All fees paid to BuyaBarCode.com are one time, meaning that once the bar code is purchased, there’s nothing more to pay
  • Many barcode sites require an annual renewal to keep the bar code active, but Buy A Barcode’s purchases are for life

Customers who purchase a barcode from BuyABarCode will receive their barcodes within just a few seconds of purchase. Barcodes from BuyaBarCode.com can be printed directly on packaging or labels, or digitally inserted into a design.

Barcodes purchased from this site will work on any product, and will work in any country that uses PC or EAN barcodes (meaning most of the world, including America, countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, countries in South America, Mexico, and more).

Customers who purchase a barcode from Buy A Barcode and aren’t happy with their purchase can receive a full refund in 21 days. Note that receiving a refund may mean that barcode will be issued to another customer.

Will A Barcode From Buy A Barcode.com Work in All Stores?

No, there are some stores (like Target, Lowe’s, WalMart, and Home Depot) that require an application process with the company’s name included. Buy A Barcode cannot provide this document, so to sell a product at those stores, the product owner will need to purchase a bar code directly from GS1 or UCC. To purchase bar codes directly from UCC requires at least a purchase of 100 barcodes at once, for a minimum charge of $750. Buy A Barcode.com purchases will work at all other stores.

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  • 5120 River Road, Oakdale,  CA  95361
  • (888) 446-2633

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