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Aetna Validation Online

  • For health care providers, use this form to update your information with Aetna
  • More than 1,000,000 medical professionals work with Aetna
  • Aetna has been providing the very highest level of medical insurance coverage for over 150 years

Since 1853, the Aetna corporation has been providing American people with some of the highest quality health insurance plans available. Over 5,000 hospitals and nearly 600,000 primary care doctors and specialists work closely with Aetna to give their customers the health care insurance they need. Overall, over 1,000,000 health care professionals are a part of the Aetna network.

With medical insurance, there’s nothing more frustrating than when insurance doesn’t cover the things they’re supposed to, and the customer receives a large bill in the mail. Keeping your provider information updated with Aetna is the best way to make sure the relationship between you and your customer continues to be the best it can.

If you’re a health care provider working with Aetna, you’ll sometimes need to update, change, or verify your provider information (like your Tax ID and your contact information). With this form, you can conveniently have that information updated or changed, and sent directly to Aetna.

To update your provider information with Aetna, just enter your Tax ID number, your Aetna provider identification number, the state that you provide medical services in, and the contact information for the person submitting this request in case any further contact is needed. Once your information with Aetna is updated, you’ll be able to provide medical services to your customers with only the highest level of customer service.

Be careful when filling out this form to make sure that your provider information that’s sent to Aetna is correct and complete. If anything is missing, it could result in problems with the patient’s coverage.

To contact Aetna regarding your provider information: