www.my.scilearn.com – Login My SciLearn


  • Reading Assistant is not compatible with the standard Firefox browser
  • My.sciLEARN.com is managed by Scientific Learning Corporation
  • Use Firefox ESR or upgrade to Reading Assistant Plus

The user will need to login with their Login Email and password.  Internet access is required in order to login and the service is designed for staff employees only.  Students can login by clicking on the student login tab and providing their school or district and then enter the first few letters of the school or district name, then choose from the provided list.  Students who have trouble accessing the service should reach out to their teacher.

www.my.sciLEARN.com Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Designed for both students and teachers
  • Reading Assistant does not support 64-bit browsers, so avoid downloading the Windows 64-bit installer for Firefox ESR
  • Any questions in regards to the service can be directed to Scientific Learning Customer Support
  • Those who misplaced their my sciLEARN password will have to provide their login email in order to start the recovery process
  • Those who don’t receive an email titled “Your MySciLEARN Account Password” within 10 minutes will want to check their spam inbox or make the request again
  • Users who do not know their login email will have to contact their district or school manager in order to obtain the email address associated with the sciLEARN account

In order for students to use theFirefox with Reading Assistant they will need to switch to the Firefox Extended Support Release browser on Windows or Macintosh workstations.


  1. www.my.scilearn.com
  2. help.scilearn.com/slchelp

www.youtube.com/pair – Play Videos On TV or Gaming Console

YouTube Pair

  • With the YouTube Pair service, it’s easy to connect a mobile device to a television to be able to stream YouTube videos wirelessly
  • Once a device is paired with YouTube, all viewers need to do is click the “cast” icon that appears on their device, and any YouTube video will stream from the device to the connected TV
  • YouTube videos streamed from a mobile device will use data on the device that streaming was initiated on, so it’s recommended to only do this when connected to a home Wi-Fi connection (or a connection where data isn’t an issue)

To get started pairing a YouTube device, people just need to visit the YouTube app on their TV or their game console, and find the “Settings” section. From there, they will need to click the “Pair Device” button, and then enter the pairing code that’s shown on the TV into the box on the device.

YouTube Pair Comments

  • Takes less than 60 seconds to pair
  • Is a must for anyone who owns a TV or game console (i.e. Xbox, PS4)
  • Requires a YouTube account to start the pairing process

More about YouTube

YouTube was founded in 2005, and has their current headquarters in San Bruno, California. Most of YouTube’s content is uploaded from individual users, but many media outlets like NBC and ABC upload verified content to the site. YouTube has always been free and made their revenue off of advertising, but there was a brief period in 2013 where YouTube charges users 99 cents a month for certain content.

  • In 2006, Google purchased YouTube for over $1.6 billion
  • All YouTube users can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long, but users who have a history of generating quality content can upload videos that are up to 12 hours long

To contact YouTube

  • YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066

Primary References

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www.myhomedepotproject.com – Home Depot Home Improvement Service Online

My Home Depot Project

  • To sign in to My Home Depot Project, builders just need to enter the phone number they used when they first signed up for service
  • The My Home Depot Project service is for customers who are using Home Depot for their home’s roofing, siding, gutters, insulation, or window replacement projects
  • Home Depot Project connects homeowners that need repairs or construction done on their home to the best licensed and insured contractors in their area

When customers use Home Depot for a project, the person actually doing the work will be an authorized Home Depot Service Providers, employees of contracting companies who are all background checked, and who are all insured and trained to high standards. Customers using Home Depot Project can sign on to the project tracker to see exactly where their project stands, and what they can expect next from their contractor.

My Home Depot Project Comments

  • Home Depot Project offers referral coupons for people to give to friends and family where a Home Depot contractor will come to their home, take measurement, and price out and explain a potential project free of charge
  • Once a project is done, the contractor will give the homeowner a certificate of completion, and the homeowner will be asked to sign it to assure that all work was completed to satisfaction
  • Free to use

What kind of warranties come with work done by Home Depot Project?

Home Depot Project services come with two warranties: the manufacturers warranty, which covers defects in the actual materials and workmanship, plus the Home Depot Craftsmanship warranty, which is actually from Home Depot and covers the entire installation process from start to finish, plus all of the materials that were used to actually do the installation (so customers have assurance that the job was done right).

To contact Home Depot customer services:

  • Call 1-800HomeDepot
  • 2690 Cumberland Parkway SE Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30339

Primary references

  1. www.myhomedepotproject.com

www.learn.education2020.com/student – Edgenuity for Students

Learn Education 2020 Student

  • Access a Edgenuity for Students account online
  • A username and password are required in order to gain account access
  • Required plugins needed to access Learn Education 2020 include Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave and Player

The Learn Education 2020 Student is powered by Edgenuity who “provides engaging online and blended learning education solutions that propel success for every student, empower every teacher to deliver more effective instruction, and enable schools and districts to meet their academic goals“.

Popular services offered up by Edgenuity?

  • Courses and Curriculum to include subjects like Science (Chemistry), Language Arts (IDEA Writing), Social Studies, and World Languages (Spanish 1, Latin 1)
  • MyPath which is a catch up program for students who have falling behind due to various reasons (bad teaching, not very bright, etc)
  • Dual Credit Courses which allows for students to earn high school and college credit at the same time (these courses are ideal for the overachiever and have a completion rate of over 80%)

It should be noted that Edgenuity has won a number of awards due to their high-end education services to include the Bessie Awards for Best Educational Software, 33rd Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence, EdTech Digest, Cool Tool Award, and the coveted USDLA Award.

Any questions about the Learn Education 2020 Student can be directed to an US-based customer service agent at 877.202.0338 then hit option 3.  When calling please be sure to have the name of the school district on hand (customers are encouraged to check out the eCommunity site for solutions to common questions before calling the toll-free customer service hotline).

Primary References

  1. www.learn.education2020.com/student

www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com – MyLab & Modified Mastering My Courses

Pearson My Lab and Mastering

  • The MyLab and Mastering web site from Pearson is a part of the world’s largest collection of homework, tutorial, and assessment products online
  • More than 11 million students use Pearson’s online educational tools each year
  • Pearson software integrates with most major educational lab platforms like Blackboard Learn, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, and Moodle

Pearson’s “My Lab and Mastering” web site is designed for students to register for online lab work for classes, and fto ind more information about supplementary educational materials, and for educators to view results and offer support.

Pearson My Lab and Mastering

  • The MyLab & Mastering software actually reacts to how students are performing as individuals, and offers specific guidance (driven by student’s individual data) to help them better absorb information and understand tough concepts
  • In addition to colleges, Pearson software is also used for corporate training
  • Over 43 million students have used Pearson’s software for college, and if you’re one of them, you can take an online survey for the chance to win one of four iPads

More to Know About Pearson Education

Pearson is well known in higher education circuits for creating the CourseSmart program, which helps sell college textbooks in an eTextbook format that’s on a common platform, meaning it can be accessed at a huge number of colleges and universities.

Pearson Education started in 1998, and offers assessment services to schools and corporations, as well as individuals. Over 60% of Pearson’s educational sales happen in North America, but the company actually serves over 70 nations around the world. Today, Pearson North America has their headquarters at 330 Hudson in New York City, New York.  Any questions in regards to the Pearson My Lab and Mastering service can be directed to 800-328-5999.

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