www.calottery.com/2nd chance entry – Enter Scratchers 2nd Chance Promotion

CA Lottery 2nd Chance Entry

  • Enter the California 2nd Chance Lottery Promotion
  • A non winning ticket could turn into a winner via this promotion! ūüôā
  • Sign in or create a California Lottery account online in order enter the non-winning scratchers codes into the weekly 2nd Chance draw

Those who are a little more tech savoy can download the¬†Official California Lottery Mobile App and then scan the codes in just a few seconds (ideal for consumers with smartphones). ¬†Please note this is available to only non winning tickets and contestants must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to enter. ¬†Assuming the ticket is not a winner the player will want to access their account via CALottery.com/2ndChance Entry and enter the Scratchers¬†Ticket ID plus the Entry Code into the appropriate fields and hit “Submit”. ¬†The CA lotto entry ticket ID will be 7 digits long and the entry code will be 13 digits in length. ¬†Once the information has been provided the player will automatically be included in the Scratchers Weekly Pool Draw for that week. ¬†The number of entries the player will receive will be based on the amount of dollars the CA lottery ticket was purchased for (i.e.¬†$10 Scratchers code, will receive 10 entries while a $20 ticket will receive 20 entries).

www.CALottery.com/2nd Chance Entry

  • A must for all California fan boys
  • To be eligible for the current week’s draw, your Scratchers 2nd Chance code must be submitted online by Saturday at 11:59pm or it will be eligible for the following week’s draw
  • Non winning entries will not be carried over to the next week
  • Prize draws will be held at 11:59 pm sharp every Saturday night
  • Lucky winners will be notified by email
  • All winners will be reported to the IRS for tax purposes

CaLottery.com/2nd Chance Entry Prizes

  1. $25,000 winner (x2)
  2. $5,000 winner (x5)
  3. $1,000 winner (x25)


  1. www.calottery.com/2nd chance entry