www1.aoc.state.nc.us – Access North Carolina Court System Calendars


  • People looking for information about court schedules in North Carolina can use the North Carolina Court System Calendars web site to see a list of all upcoming cases for almost all counties in North Carolina
  • Both civil and criminal court calendars remain posted on the North Carolina Court System Calendars web site for the county for up to five business days after the court date shown on the calendar
  • Residents can search all North Carolina Superior and District Courts by choosing “All Counties” from the county names list, choosing NC District Court or NC Superior Court (or both) and then searching the defendant’s last name or full name

Some counties in North Carolina do not post and update their criminal and civil calendars the North Carolina Court System Calendars website. If a particular court’s calendar is not shown, residents will need to contact that articular county to find out where their court calendar is posted. Some North Carolina trial case disposition information will not be available online through the N. C. Court System website. The disposition information can be found by conducting a defendant search at a public terminal located in the courthouse in the county where the case happened, or it can be obtained by sending a written request for a background check to one of the background check companies listed on the N.C. Courts System website.

What happens if a name can’t be found on a North Carolina court calendar (AOC State NC US), but a case is upcoming

If people know there is a court case schedules, but nothing is showing up on the court calendar for North Carolina, it’s recommended to contact the Clerk of Superior Court in the county that the case is going to be tried.

To contact the North Carolina Court System

  • 832 East Fourth St, Charlotte, NC 28202

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